Stuff Jon’s done

  • Open University – The Z-Files with Benjamin Zephaniah

“In recognition of Black History Month in October 2010, the Open University focused on notable black people in the fields of science, technology and engineering”

Benjamin Zephaniah, poet, interviews Jon Chase about being a Science Communicator and his passion for promoting science.

Here’s a video of Jon performing street science in 2010.

  • Worlds Top 5 – 3 or 4 Episodes

“Each episode of WORLD’S TOP 5 will feature a different extreme engineering feat. From jumbo jets, super-trains, cruise ships, skyscrapers, mega-factories to earthmovers, WORLD’S TOP 5 will take viewers around the world in search of mankind’s greatest achievements.”

“Head Squeeze is packed full of the latest and current developments in the world of science, technology, and maths. It’s for anyone who wants to find out more about the events and stories unfolding around them.  From everyday curiosities to the latest mind blowing discoveries; our experts break it down for you and give their own left-field insights, sideways interpretations and bizarre, entertaining facts.”

Here is one of Jon’s videos.

“Jon Chase, Sarah McBride, Simon Watt and Matt Parker answer the curious questions you never thought to ask.”

Back to the future: As a child of the 80’s, Jon Chase’s mind was blown by the Back To The Future movies. A lifelong quest to investigate whether time travel is possible began and if it can be done in Dunmurry’s greatest export, the DeLorean, all the better!

Move to Mars: Jon Chase, full time space nut, finds out if it’s really possible for the human race to hotfoot it to the red planet. If we overcome the radiation and bone degradation on the 9 month trip there how do we survive on a planet that has zero oxygen?

NI greatest discovery: From the ejector seat to the amazing space breakthrough with the detection of pulsars plus a cameo from a 15 year old Georgie Best, science Communicator Jon Chase runs down his favourite NI discoveries.

Wearable tech: Tech head Jon Chase peeks into the future to look at the new device revolution in the form of wearable technology. From smartsocks and smartshirts to full body immersive gaming suits he scopes out what’s on offer.

“Jon Chase meets a range of individuals who are using wave science to do things in the real world: destroying glasses, creating images, powering cars and recording music.”

Here’s a clip from the programme, describing how light waves work

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