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Jon was identified as the Next Big Thing in 2008 by the Guardian

He was also featured in Black Scientists and Inventors in the UK by BIS publications

“BLACK SCIENTISTS AND INVENTORS IN THE UK is the first comprehensive study of the black (African) contribution in science and technology in particular and other contributions in general to Britain (UK). It’s an epic story that starts in Africa, the cradle of civilization and later moves directly to Britain (and also to Britain via the Caribbean diaspora). Williams and Amalemba uncovers one of the world’s best-kept historical secrets, that Africans were inventing and building civilizations across the British isles from as early as 8000 BCE, and they continue to do so to this present day.”

  • OHTV: Interviewed for Make Your Mark

OH TV is one of the UK’s most dynamic family entertainment TV channels. It boast a great new look with an exciting feel. Situated in the entertainment section on Sky channel 199. It has quickly become a popular viewing choice for  Afro Caribbean families seeking good quality TV free of violence and offensive content.

Make Your Mark: Featuring guests such as Levi Roots and John Bird, Make Your Mark lifts the lid on their inspirations and personal challenges to answer the question – how can we make our mark?

  • BBC news etc
    • BBC Breakfast Astro rapper interview with Bill and Sian (Thursday 25th Sept 2008) –
    • BBC News website: 23rd Sept 2008
    • ITN for science museum lates – Link here
  • Polish articles from Jon’s visit to tour and perform at 3 University sites in Poland

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