Science Workshops

Rap Science Workshops (KS2)

  • Rap Science Space

Suitable for KS2 – Learn about planet Earth and its relationship to the solar system through the use of rhymes and demonstrations.  What’s special about planet Earth?  What are the seasons all about? What is the Sun? What is our atmosphere made of? Find out answers to these and much more with rapping science presenter Jon Chase.

  • Rap Science Materials (Available April 2016)

Suitable for KS2- Learn about the types and behaviours of various materials. Find out how we choose suitable materials for manufacture and construction based on their properties. The workshop includes related rhymes and hands on activities as well as demonstrations.


Science workshops

  • Dark and Light

Suitable for KS1 – This workshop introduces and strengthens children’s existing knowledge about dark and light through practical demonstrations, fun activities and interactive story telling.

  • Roald Dahl Science – (Available April 2016)

Suitable for KS2/KS3 – Roald Dahl has many wonderful tales but can we learn anything about science from them? Most definitely! Using well known Roald Dahl stories, participants get to see demonstrations and carry out fun hands on experiments to learn about the scientific method, limitations in nature, the development of medicine and the practical use of science in everyday life.

  • Science of Flight

Suitable for KS1/KS2/KS3/KS4 – There are 4 flight workshops, each tailored to different age groups.

KS1 is based around a science rap created by Jon Chase that featured in the CBeebies’ series Rhyme Rocket. The children engage with the basics of flight including what flight is, how flight is achieved and the benefits of flight.

KS2 looks at the basics of aerodynamics; using practical activities to investigate thrust, drag, lift and gravity.

KS3 focuses on how science is used in technology to achieve flight such as in airships, gliders, planes, helicopters, jets, rockets.   They will also be introduced to the basics of aerodynamics as well as finding out about some of the surprising events in the history of modern flight.

KS4 uses the basics of aerodynamics to investigate how flying is achieved. It also discusses the atmosphere, aircraft materials and navigation as well as the history and future of flight.

  • Winter Science

Suitable for KS2 this is all about the science of Winter time. Why is winter so cold? Why do the days get shorter? How does frost form? Delve into the Winter world to find out about ice, snow, and the cold.

  • Winter Science (Xmas special)

Suitable for KS2 this workshop looks at Christmas through a scientific lens. Where does snow come from? What makes reindeers good for pulling sleighs? Could a reindeer fly? What makes a good Christmas tree? Three wise men and the Star of Bethlehem (stars, constellations, astronomy and the calendar).

  • April Showers (Available April 2016)

Suitable for KS2/KS3. Why does it rain? Why does it rain so much in Wales? How can we predict the weather? Learn about rain and the water cycle with interactive experiments and fun demonstrations.

  • Rainbows (Available March 2016)

KS2 – How are rainbows formed? Why are rainbows so colourful? Learn about some of the amazing properties of light though hands on demonstrations and fun activities.

KS4 – Reflection, refraction, light spectrum, IR and UV.

  • Halloween

KS2 – Make Goo, potions, fake blood and other Halloween related activities whilst finding out a bit about the science behind them.


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