“The site that blends science, rhyme and education.”

Rap science is a fun and engaging way to interact with scientific knowledge and learn about the world around us. It’s aim is to…

“Provide an alternative way to engage with scientific topics and learning”

Ran by qualified Science communicator and professional science rapper Jon Chase, Rap Science blends together two of his passions, science and music. Using his unique approach to communicating science, Jon engages audiences with music that fuses different elements of science into specially produced raps and videos.

Accompanying the raps are various demonstrations and activities that have been incorporated into a selection of imaginatively produced workshops for various ages and abilities.

This is where to find shows, workshops and information about science; with an additional focus of using rap as a communication style.

Please follow the links to view available workshops; products and other services.

Previous clients include…Primary and high schools across England and South Wales, Universities, Museums, Libraries, BBC, Channel 4, NASA, IET, Open University, Chester Zoo, Shell, Manchester Science Festival, Greenman Festival, Camp Bestival.

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"The site that blends science, rhyme and education"

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