Scienceraps in the media

  • CBBC Space Hoppers 2010 – A series on CBBC to accompany the BBC show Seven Wonders of the Solar System with Brian Cox. There were seven episodes in total, each about a different aspect of the Solar System, such as coldest, hottest, wettest or windiest. Each episode was finished off with a science rap that summarised the whole programme, as well as science verses to describe the main experiment within each episode.
  • BBC Bitesize Science 2012 – A one hour programme for BBC Bitesize, consisting of 20 videos about scientific topics. 3 science raps feature in the biology section. Photosynthesis, Mitosis and Osmosis.

Check out Jon’s mitosis rap here.

  • CBeebies Rhyme Rocket 2012 – A children’s series about rhyme. A short science rap (for under 7’s) called My Mate Malcolm was performed for the space episode (Season 1 episode 5:Space).
  • BBC Bitesize Space 2013 – A half hour programme about space for BBC Bitesize, consisting of 6 videos about space science. 2 science raps are featured. Star life cycle rap and a Waves and communication verse (full rap yet to be released but to appear on Youtube).

Check out Jon’s EM radiation rap at the end of this video.

  • Channel 4 Clipbank – Rap Up Maths 2013 – 13 raps, for KS3/KS4 transition ages, about topics in mathematics including fractions, shapes, factorising and simplifying. They form part of a series of 25 innovative videos that are only available by subscription to Channel 4 Clipbank (Now Discovery Education: Secondary).

Click this link for a video of Jon rapping up equivalent fractions

  • Head Squeeze 2013 – Faraday rap performed for Brit lab (formerly Head Squeeze), whilst in conversation with James May and Huw James.

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