Sciencerap Shows

All of the science rap shows feature a selection of raps produced by Jon Chase for various organisations and covering different topics.  You can find out more about the shows below.

  • OK2

OK2 is a collaboration between Science rapper Oort Kuiper and guitar and Loop specialist Buster Redlox. Oort Kuiper is the UK’s foremost promoter of science based raps having done raps for NASA, the BBC and Ch4 Learning.  While the immensely talented Buster Redlox is one of Cardiff’s most recognisable street performers, using loop pedals to lay down guitar and bass riffs with added beatbox and effects. They have performed at Camp Bestival 2014/2015 and Greenman festival 2014.

Here is OK2 performing at Camp Bestival in 2015.


  • S.T.E.M Careers

How important is STEM in our world? This show shines a light on the presence and use of STEM in society and some of the jobs and roles available with STEM knowledge and qualifications.

Here is the Engineers rap produced for Tomorrow’s Engineers in 2012.


  • Great names in science (Pending)

Scientists are brought to the forefront in this show that focuses on different scientists in history and their impact and influence on modern society. It draws parallels between the characters to highlight some of the details behind their motivations and lifestyles.

Here is a rap produced for Black History Month 2009.


  • Selected topics in secondary school biology.

Some of these raps were created for, and can be seen on BBC Bitesize. What is life? What are some of the processes that life has in common? How has life come about and what has the journey been like? Find out answers to these and more in this entertaining show.

The Genetics rap produced for the GAMY project in 2009.


  • A rappers guide to the galaxy!

Take a trip through the solar system and discover some of the wonders of space in this fact filled science rap show. Featuring raps written for NASA and the BBC, this show is both informative and entertaining.

Testimonial –

Here is a rap about Astrobiology produced in 2008 for NASA’s Astrobiology Magazine European Edition.


  • Industry (Pending)

5 science rap verses with demos for KS3/KS4.  The story of how industry manipulates the environment to create useful products.


  • The Environment

This show opens eye’s to our relationship with nature and the environment.  How did life evolve? How is the world changing? What’s the impact of humans and where do we fit in amongst it all?

Here is a rap about commissioned by the Science Photo Library in 2010.  It describes how science and technology has given us a better view of the Universe, the Earth and ourselves.


  • Science Fiction

This show provides an introduction to the worlds of science fiction (SF). How has SF affected our world? What does it teach us?

Here is Jon’s Doctor Who rap produced in 2013 for the 50th anniversary of the extremely popular SF series.


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