iScience is the science communication partnership of author Mark Brake and rapping science presenter Jon Chase.  Here are some of the shows i-science have on offer.

  • Space Hoppers Live – Ages 6+

How to build a solar system, with fruit, balloons, and bog roll.  Based on the BBC book and TV program


Aliens and time machines, cyborgs and Daleks.  A journey through the fantastic science fiction world of The Doctor


  • The Science of Star Wars – Ages 8+

Star Wars conjures up images of spaceships, super-weapons, and awe-inspiring visions of the future. But these movies’ depictions of life in ‘a galaxy far, far away’ anticipate real life future science, right here on Earth. Author Mark Brake and TV science presenter Jon Chase probe the fantastic frontier between movie magic and cutting-edge science, using madcap antics, verve, and flights of fancy from one of the most successful epics in film history.

Read about it in the news here.


  • How to be a space Explorer – All ages

Want to be an astronaut? Lonely Planet’s How to be a Space Explorer will help you discover all you need to know about space travel, including how to planet hop, how to pee in a spacesuit and how to build a solar system out of fruit, balloons and bog roll. Author Mark Brake and TV presenter Jon Chase present a lively show about space.

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